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The new function, bill of materials

The bill of materials, also called "BOM" (Bill of Materials), is the complete list of all the components necessary to create a finished product. Having a well-structured bill of materials is essential for several reasons:

Planning production: allows you to know all the necessary components in advance and organize production efficiently.
Ordering materials: Make it easy to order the right materials and in the right quantities, avoiding waste or delays.
Calculate costs: allows you to accurately calculate the cost of producing the product, helping to define the selling price.
Manage stocks: allows you to monitor warehouse stocks and reorder materials in good time.

In summary, the bill of materials is an indispensable tool for any company that wants to optimize the production process and improve its efficiency

Unlock the full power of multi-warehouse functionality

Create unlimited warehouses and manage them simultaneously with a single license

Create and manage your e-commerce with Softshop Cloud

With SoftShop Cloud, you have complete control over your online store. You can customize its design, add advanced features, and much more. Sales management and profit analysis are included in the license, providing you with a comprehensive solution for the success of your business.Choose SoftShop Cloud and take your online store to the next level.With the SoftShop Cloud license, you can manage sales, monitor profits, and customize your online store's design to fit your brand and specific needs. Sales management becomes easy with SoftShop Cloud. You can record sales, track orders, and manage payments in a simple and efficient manner. The system allows you to monitor real-time sales, providing you with a complete overview of your business activities.Profit analysis is another key advantage offered by SoftShop Cloud. You can generate detailed reports on your revenue, costs, and profits, enabling you to evaluate the performance of your online store. This valuable information helps you make informed decisions to optimize operations and maximize profits.Experience the power of SoftShop Cloud's inventory management software and take full control of your online store.

Choose the design of your web space

Set the options according to your preferences

Create reports and analyze sales

Integrate the online warehouse with the physical one

Get reports and charts to monitor 
the performance of your business 

Maximize control over your business with SoftShop Cloud's Statistics area. Witness your business success take shape through accurate reports and graphs that provide a detailed view of sales, performance, and trends. Discover new growth opportunities and make strategic decisions based on precise data. Harness the power of statistics with SoftShop Cloud and propel your business to new heights.With SoftShop Cloud, you'll have access to customized reports that allow you to analyze data thoroughly. You can view total sales, revenues, costs, income, and other key metrics. 
Clear and intuitive graphs will enable you to quickly identify sales trends, activity peaks, and variations over time.SoftShop Cloud's Statistics area also allows you to monitor the success of your products and services. You can view sales for each product or product category, evaluating performance and identifying best-sellers. This information helps you make strategic decisions, such as optimizing product assortments or introducing new offerings.Leverage the power of SoftShop Cloud's inventory management software and elevate your business to new levels of success.

Precise reports and charts for different areas

Get reports and charts to analyze: stock levels, returns, sales, invoices, and delivery notes

Statistics for the online store

View accurate statistics for the online store as well

Export and print your reports

Export your reports and graphs to CSV files or print them for your records

Integrated Quote Module with SoftShop Cloud Inventory Management Software

The integrated Quote Module in SoftShop Cloud offers you a powerful tool to easily manage all your quoting activities. With this feature, you can create, modify, and delete quotes with just a few clicks, simplifying the process of providing your customers with estimates for your products or services.
Creating quotes with SoftShop Cloud is quick and intuitive. You can select the products or services you want to include in the quote, specify quantities, prices, and other relevant information. The software will automatically calculate the total quote amount, allowing you to provide your customers with an accurate cost estimate.Once the quote is created, SoftShop Cloud allows you to modify it as needed. You can add or remove products, adjust quantities, or update prices. This flexibility allows you to customize the quote based on the specific customer requirements.When a quote is accepted by the customer, SoftShop Cloud enables you to convert it directly into an invoice. This functionality simplifies the process of transforming the quote into a final invoice. You can generate the invoice with a single click, avoiding data duplication and saving valuable time.Leverage the power of SoftShop Cloud's inventory management software and streamline your quoting process for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Size and colors

Size and color are two key characteristics for identifying variations of a product. In warehouse software, they allow you to distinguish between different t-shirts, for example, based on these two properties. This facilitates precise inventory management, ensuring timely control of the different size and color combinations available.

More detailed traceability

Advanced traceability offers total control over each product and batch. An enhanced filter in the traceability module allows you to precisely monitor the path of each individual item.

With this technology you get a complete and detailed view of the production and distribution chain, guaranteeing:

  • Timely control of product quality and safety.
  • Efficient warehouse management.
  • Inventory optimization.

In summary, advanced traceability represents a complete system for better management and control of the entire production and distribution chain.


The location function allows you to identify the precise position of a product within the warehouse, indicating the specific shelving in which it is stored.

In this way, it is possible:

  • Optimize warehouse management: speed up picking and replenishment operations, reduce search times and improve overall efficiency.
  • Improve the traceability of products: monitor their movement within the warehouse and have a complete view of stocks.
  • Reduce errors: reduce the risk of picking errors and product loss.

The location function therefore represents an important tool for optimizing warehouse management and improving its efficiency.

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