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If you are looking for a powerful and intuitive cloud-based inventory management software to help your business grow, SoftShop Cloud is the ideal solution. With a wide range of features and advanced tools, this inventory management software provides you with all the resources needed to efficiently manage your business and achieve exceptional results.With SoftShop Cloud, you will be able to streamline daily operations such as sales management, order processing, and inventory control. The software allows you to track every transaction and gain a comprehensive overview of your business activities. Additionally, through a variety of detailed reports and analyses, you can make informed decisions based on data and improve your business strategy. One of the primary reasons why it's important to choose a good inventory management software is the simplification of daily operations. SoftShop Cloud enables you to automate processes like sales management, order processing, and inventory control, minimizing the risk of human errors and enhancing overall efficiency.You can keep track of every transaction, monitor your sales, and manage inventory quickly and accurately. Moreover, SoftShop Cloud offers a wide array of data analysis tools and generates detailed reports. This allows you to gain a complete overview of your business's performance, identify trends, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and make informed decisions.You'll have access to crucial information such as profit margins, inventory turnover, and customer behavior, guiding you in developing more effective sales and marketing strategies.

Softshop Cloud

Manage every aspect of your business with SoftShop Cloud: create quotes with just a few clicks.

SoftShop Cloud is a cutting-edge cloud-based inventory management software designed to support you in the comprehensive management of your business operations. In addition to its core features for order, sales, and inventory management, SoftShop Cloud also provides an array of advanced tools to streamline your business, including quote management.

With SoftShop Cloud, you can easily create customized quotes for your customers. The system allows you to input specific details for each item or service offered, set prices and quantities, apply discounts if needed, and automatically calculate the total. You can send quotes directly to your customers via email or print them for in-person delivery.Managing quotes with SoftShop Cloud provides numerous advantages. Firstly, you can create quotes quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time. Additionally, the software maintains a comprehensive archive of all issued quotes, allowing you to access them easily at any time. This enables you to keep track of the offers made to customers and monitor the conversion rate from quote to actual sale.

Our customers speak for us

"​​Softshop Cloud has exceeded all my expectations. Not only has it helped me organize the warehouse efficiently, but it has also provided me with an excellent overview of sales and profits. I can't imagine how I would have managed my business without it. Highly recommended.!"

Chief Accountant

"​​Softshop Cloud has been a game changer for my online store. The ease of use and advanced features have allowed me to streamline inventory management processes and optimize sales. Not only do I save precious time, but I can make strategic decisions based on data. It's an investment that is worth every penny!"

Manager of Operations

"​​I can't praise Softshop Cloud enough. Since I started using this management software, my business has taken off. I can now easily manage inventory, track sales, and generate accurate reports. It's a true lifesaver for my business!"


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